Religion in Zanzibar

Religion in Zanzibar
The most commonly practised religion is Islam. About 95% of Zanzibar's population follow the laws of Islam (see Islam in Zanzibar). Its history was influenced by the Arab and Persian people. The remaining 5% are mostly Christians.
There are 51 mosques, and muezzins invoke before the prayer time. There are six Catholic churches in Zanzibar. The Anglican Cathedral in Zanzibar's multi-ethnic old town (Stone Town) is the headquarters of a single diocese of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. Founded in 1892 as the Diocese of Zanzibar and Tanga, it was split in 2001 into two separate dioceses. The Diocese of Zanzibar consists of seven churches, and has 2,000 members. There are many burial places around the outskirts with interesting headstones and graves, and some important graves in the town itself, usually of religious leaders of the past.

There are also Evangelical Christian churches in Zanzibar Town. Some distance from Zanzibar Town are other Christian churches such as Evangelistic Assemblies of God Zanzibar (EAGZ) which is at Kijito Upele-Fuoni Zanzibar, pioneered by the Founder for Evangelical Movement in Zanzibar, Rev. Leonard Masasa. Another church is Tanzania Assemblies of God which is at Kariakoo. There are now more than 25 Evangelical churches in Zanzibar. There is also a small population of Bahá'ís (see Bahá'í Faith in Tanzania).

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