About Nungwi

Nungwi Beach, located on the northern tip of Zanzibar, is nothing less than spectacular. With sugar-fine, soft white sand and unbelievably clear turquoise waters, this beach must rank as one of the world’s best. Few tourists make their way  to this undiscovered paradise because the roads are in such terrible condition, but those who do are rarely disappointed.

Nungwi may be a place for relaxation, but it is also a place to immerse yourself in the local customs by checking out the boat yards, villages and the local fish markets. Nungwi is also home to historical sights dealing with the spice and slave trades, particularly in areas like Stone Town that lie a short distance away. The climate is mostly sunny, but typically gets heavy rainfall between April and May - so the best time to plan your trip should be between July and March.
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