Mercury's Bar & Restaurant

Mercury's Bar & Restaurant
Named after Zanzibar's most famous son Freddie Mercury, this place has a fine setting on the seafront, overlooking a small beach, the bay, and part of the new port.
It's popular, and has a good atmosphere. Wooden tables, director's chairs, and big sunshades are set out on the large wooden deck, and you can enjoy choosing from the menu which unashamedly cashes in on the former Queen singer's apparent dietary preferences – Freddie's Favourite Salad (US$3.50), Mercury's Special Pizza (US$5.20) etc; but despite this corniness the food is very good. Other options include pizzas (margaritas from US$5 up to prawn, beef, tuna and mushroom for US$7), a mixed plate of grilled seafood (US$10), smaller dishes of octopus, grilled fish, pastas (all for around US$5) and a huge range of cocktails around US$2.50–3. It's open daily (with happy hour 17.00–20.00) and there's live traditional music or other entertainment 3 evenings a week.

Quick Facts

Add: Mizingani Road
Tel: 024 2233076; 0777 416666
Web: mercury'
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