Jozani Forest National Park

Jozani Forest National Park
Zanzibar's first and only national park is centered on Jozani Forest, the largest area of mature forest found within Zanzibar.
The forest lies in a shallow trough in the fossil coral bed between the mangrove filled bays of Chwaka and Uzi. Seasonal flooding and a high water table has given rise to a unique groundwater forest. On the high ground to either side is dry coral rag forest and thicket.

With mangrove forests and salt marshes to the north of the National park, the area is an extremely rich mosaic of Zanzibar's diverse natural habitats, a haven for wildlife including rare, endemic and endangered species.

Jozani Forest Conservation Activities

The main purpose of the Jozani Forest National Park is conserving the forest and its surrounding environs. This is achieved in partnership with local communities in many different forms - from educational activities to practical task such as mangrove replanting.

Originally funded through international donors, these activities are now paid for through the revenue generated by admission to the National Park. Currently 80% of the entrance fees are retained and utilized within the Park, as well as supporting the livelihood in the communities surrounding the Jozani National Park.

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